Duncan Black Testimonial

================== Decades of treating deep-sea divers and hospital patients with high levels of oxygen in pressure chambers has confirmed John Scott Haldane's

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Interviewing Sir Peter Ratcliffe

Sir Peter Ratcliffe - Nobel Prize / Physiology or Medicine 2019An Anglo /American collaboration shared with William Kaelin and Greg Semenza for

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Click the link below to read the article Autism-Rossignol-2007 Autism-Rossignol-2006


HBOT & Impaired Brain Function

 Clinical Study: Mild Hyperbarics for Impaired Brain Function by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, MD, PhD, FACP Introduction Dr. Gunnar Heuser, a toxic exposure

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HBOT & Autism. Prof.James

Oxygen Treatment for Children with Autism Philip B James. Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Dundee. Until the 1990s few children were

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Foods Matter

HYPERBARIC OXYGEN TREATMENT and INFLAMMATION ( Published, Foods Matter 2011) Every medical and nursing student has to commit to memory the four

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Diabetes Update

Diabetes Update DIABETIC CARE, IS HYPERBARIC OXYGEN  A VIABLE TREATMENT OPTION?  Recent Cochrane reviews show no positive evidence for incorporating hyperbaric

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