How is it provided?

This is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment which most patients find pleasurable and relaxing. You will be treated in a comfortable purpose built chamber. Once settled in the chamber, oxygen is delivered by either an individual face mask for adults or a clear perspex hood for babies / children. Masks and hoods are provided at no additional cost.

The treatment session is in three phases:

After the door is closed, there will be some noise as the pressure increases. It will get warmer and you will feel “fullness” in your ears like descending in an aeroplane. You will have been taught how to avoid discomfort by clearing or “equalising” your ears. As soon as the chamber pressure increases, you will need to start making your ears pop. There are several ways to do this and the chamber attendant will find the best way that suits you. Some people find that blowing their nose is sufficient. If you find it difficult to pop your ears or find any discomfort, tell the attendant immediately. If you develop any discomfort inform the attendant and the rate of compression will be reduced.

The treatment begins when the pressure reaches the prescribed level. You may then rest, sleep, read or listen to music. It’s your opportunity to relax and get better!

Wear comfortable clothing and leave your watch outside. No smoking materials, matches or lighters are allowed in the chamber. 

The attendant will let you know when the treatment is complete, and the pressure will be lowered
slowly, again at a rate comfortable to your ears.

Note: The chamber can actually be decompressed at any time, and while breathing oxygen, you cannot suffer decompression sickness (‘the bends’). Treatment times last one and a half hours, 15 minutes to compress, 1 hour receiving oxygen, and a further 15 minutes to decompress. We recommend an initial course of ten to twenty consecutive treatments depending upon your condition and regular treatments thereafter. We are open seven days a week.

At the dosage used in this treatment there are no side effects from the oxygen. However, the change in pressure may cause some ear or sinus discomfort. Note that HBOT has been used in the NHS for more than 50 years and since 1982 it has also been used in the community. More than 2.5 million sessions have been carried out – 63,489 in the last year – without a single serious problem!